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“…the most talented and/or accomplished musician and composer I’ve ever met, and I’m thrilled to have his friendship.”  Ted Greene

The Well-Tempered Piano II 2007Classic Americana with its European roots showing.
The Well-Tempered Piano I – 2005 Classical piano compositions bridging American traditional, folk and jazz elements with European sensibilities.
“I have been waiting for Steve Ferguson’s THE WELL-TEMPERED PIANO ever since he told he in 1972 that he was writing rags, ballads, impressionistic songs and other pieces in all the 12 major and minor keys. This solo piano recording is so beautiful and encompasses so many moods, inspirations and influences, and yet is deeply one long continuous work from beginning to end; it nurtures me to listen to it every day.”

– George Winston

Steve Ferguson listens to Ted at Spazio’s.  Alas, this was the last performance Ted ever gave.


Chris Maybach’s Art City DVD Soundtracks


The American Metaphysical Circus


Lori Markman


Ted Greene Remembered:
A special tribute CD that was produced by Tom Bocci with performances by many of the greatest guitar players around today including Dan Sawyer and Steve Ferguson.


Dan Sawyer
From the first track it becomes quickly apparent that Dan Sawyer is a truly talented professional musician, and as the CD progresses he cleverly uses his skills to provide the listener with not only a tremendously varied selection of tracks of the highest quality, but also musicianship of the highest order. He takes ukulele playing to another level with apparent ease, both to himself by his beautifully smooth but technically advanced playing, and to the listener – who is left thirsting for more!


Dedication: Russell dedicated this record to the memories of John Hicks and Ted Greene. Of Special Note: This is Russell Malone’s first “Live” recording as a leader; This recording includes five Russell Malone original compositions; Three different Russell Malone versions of Milt Jackson’s “Heartstrings” have been recorded, including this live version in September 2005. “Music, to me, is not math or science. It is a language.” — Russell Malone.


Dan Sindel “Marching In: A Tribute to the March King John Philip Sousa”
Available on iTunes
“A lot of guitarists claim to be “orchestral” players, and the result is often dreadful to my ears, but Sindel is cagey enough to be both hilarious and enjoyable. His reading of this John Sousa march – perhaps best known as the Monty Python theme – is well arranged and goofy. It’s whacked out genius!” Guitar Player Magazine (April 2008)


Will Kriski – Although Will never had the opportunity to study with Ted, he has been working very hard on the baroque improvisation.  Will very generously devoted a lot of time and energy to transcribing portions of Ted’s baroque improvisational playing.  The transcription can be found at the link provided here


Ted trusted no one but Toru to work on his guitars!!

Toru Nittono Guitars

Classic Innovations in Modern Guitars

Hand Crafted Guitars by
Master Craftsman Toru Nittono

Toru began building guitars while working for a guitar factory in Japan during the 70’s. In 1981 he moved to Los Angeles where he maintained a repair and custom building business and acquired valuable knowledge by working on large numbers of vintage instruments, and repairing and maintaining instruments for several big name artists, such as Robben Ford, John Pisano, and Ted Greene. Since opening his own shop in 2000, Toru has been offering his own line of arched top instruments as well as his signature series of “Model-T” instruments which are small, hollow/semi-hollow guitars that feature hand-carved maple or spruce arched top, including the Jazz Electric Nylon Model which Santana recently chose to play on tour. All of his instruments have an elegant design and several player-friendly innovations.

Toru Nittono
Toru Nittono Guitars
15734 Stagg Street
Van Nuys, CA 91406
818.901.8305 fax

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