What Happened to Me

July 11, 2011 1 comment

To everyone,
Two weeks ago somehow I hurt my back. It’s very painful and hard for me to sit up for any periods of time. This has never happened before and I can’t take it. Tomorrow I’m going to get an MRI. Hopefully I will soon be able to contribute again.

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It’s July! New Surprises Await You.


Summer Greetings,
There is much new material to offer. To begin with there is more new video.
I thought one more month of Ted and Cathy at Rocco’s not only since everyone particularly enjoyed this performance (understandably), but to offer a bit longer of a break before the new seminar gets posted and inundates everyone with so much more information.
After all, it’s summer!

Tune this month Baubles, Bangles & Beads is a popular song from the 1953 musical Kismet, credited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. Like all the music in that show, the melody was based on works by Alexander Borodin, in this case the second theme of the second movement of his String Quartet in D.

The setting maintains the original’s 3/4 waltz rhythm; pop music settings change the rhythm to a moderate four-beat accompaniment. Jazz musicians are especially drawn to the song’s beguiling melody and advanced harmonic structure. (Wikipedia)

Paul Vachon recommends listening to the 1958 version by the Kirby Stone Four which can be found on Youtube.  This I did and found it to be a great arrangement and quite enjoyable indeed.

New Video Footage: Ted Greene and Cathy Segal-Garcia at Rocco’s
Hey Jude
Up On The Roof & On The Boardwalk Medley

Ted on Youtube:
*Many exciting videos are also available on The OFFICIAL Ted Greene Video Archive page on YouTube

New Lesson Material:

Contemporary Harmonized Scales

Turnarounds to get from I7 to ii7 or (II7) – music notation
Turnarounds to get from I7 to ii7 or (II7) – grids

Baubles, Bangles & Beads – Ted Greene arrangement

From the Students:
Baubles, Bangles & Beads – compilation notes from Paul Vachon and Steve Herberman


May you embrace each delight as if a singular moment in time.
Barbara Franklin

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All New Surprises await you for June at TedGreene.com

June 2011  TedGreene.com  Newsletter

Late Spring Greetings,

It’s June! The month that splits the year in half, and soon the days imperceptibly begin to shorten.  But we won’t even notice.   Paul and I noticed that no one commented on We’re Off to see the Wizard, and wondered if anyone began to tackle it yet?

 AND… Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in a donation to TedGreene.com – the outpouring was truly sensational, the largest response ever! So again, thank you all from my whole heart.

 Well then…as a result we are able to continue to offer new video.  I thought you’d enjoy something different before we get back to another run of seminars, so this is really a special treat.  Video clips from Ted Greene accompanying Cathy Segal-Garcia at Rocco’s in 1999.  This was a very genial, easygoing occasion as they charmingly brought these songs to life.

 Here is what else is in store for your learning adventure. I have included 2 pages from Ted’s Application of Harmonic Concepts File.  The Harmony lesson material this month includes an extra sheet from me as to make clear what Ted has written under the grids. 


 Harmony: Warm Harmonization of Diatonic Major Scale Melodies – Pg.1    Warm Harmonization of Melodies with b7 – Pg.2

 Tune: Something – Ted’s arrangement and Paul’s compilation and detailed breakdown

 Comping: Our Love Is Here To Stay

 As always I do hope there are many enjoyments and benefits from all we share.

Pleasant summer days to you all,

Barbara Franklin

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It’s May! All New Surprises Await at TedGreene.com

TedGreene.com Newsletter May 2011

 Good day and twenty, gentle readers,

There is an eclectic mix of studies this month with hopes that there will be at least one morsel that appeals and is constructive for all. 

 We’re Off to see the Wizard –  Paul mentioned to me that although he thoroughly enjoyed making this compilation, Ted’s grids were very complicated, and he wanted to construct it so as not to be daunting to anyone.  Hence, this became a mutual musical endeavor incorporating the added insight of James Hober, Mike de Luca, and David Bishop. (Thank You All!) Included in the commentary is information regarding the song, remarks by James and myself on Ted’s impressions about this kind of music, and an abundance of very helpful hints for playing this arrangement.  Ted adored this song, (find out why!), and a very special effort went into presenting this with hopes for your enjoyment too.  Therefore I earnestly advise perusing the notes included with the compilation, it will be well worth your time.

 About this month’s lesson material – Ted’s Triad Relocations pages were devised as yet another ingenious way to memorize the fingerboard along with gaining the knowledge of triads and their inversions.  Very clever, indubitably! 

 And need I remind you of Part 7and Part 8 (the finale) of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003. 


Chord Studies – Triad Relocations 3pgs.

Comping Just Friends

Chord MelodyWe’re Off to see the Wizard – Ted Greene arrangement

From the StudentsWe’re Off to see the Wizard – compilation – Paul Vachon


 I bid you all a wonder-filled and productive month,

Barbara Franklin

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New for April at TedGreene.com

APRIL 2011 TedGreene.com Newsletter

Springtime Greetings,

While perusing a portion of the more or less recent lesson material that has been posted, it came to my attention that there have been no new BLUES lessons for quite a while.  Even if it’s not your main staple, perhaps it would be interesting to explore these distinctive little riffs.

Although I have been trying to coordinate the monthly lesson material to apply as closely as possible to Paul’s compilations, I thought – by now there is so much already posted that is applicable to chord melody – so how about some blues as a side dish this month?

Ted’s clever and tasty  “Freddy King Triplet Shuffle Run” and “A Multi-position Blues Run” provide another example of Ted’s unique approach to agreeable learning.  By following Ted’s instructions on the page, if one is diligent, the blues runs will open up a multitude of possibilities. Note: these are all single line studies.

This month’s chord melody arrangement, All the Things You Are was composed by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein for the 1939 musical Very Warm for May.  I am not at all familiar with the musical but this wonderful song has remained very popular as a jazz standard.  Please see Paul’s notes.

Also…. a “last minute addition!”  As per a request in the Forums from SonnyIntervals (Steve), included in this month’s lesson section (below: Chord Studies) is the lesson sheet Ted is using in Part 4 of the C.V.G. Seminar Video –  Paul found it! Wow!

New Video:

The much-anticipated Part 5 and Part 6 of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003.

Lessons for April:


Multi-position Blues Runs

Freddy King Triplet Shuffle Run as a Tool for Learning the Fingerboard

Chord Studies

Applying m/9 Chords in Descending (from Root) Line Progressions

Chord Melody Arrangement: All the Things You Are

From the Students: All the Things You Are – Paul Vachon – compilation and notes

And a few parting words from Ted:

“Undoubtedly we are among the lucky ones on this planet – those of us, musicians and otherwise, who just swoon for music, from music.”  Ted Greene

I commend you all to your own content.

Barbara Franklin

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New at TedGreene.com for March 2011

February 28, 2011 2 comments

TedGreene.Com Newsletter March 2011

Late Winter Greetings,

During the past few months I have noticed that all of the sites devoted to Ted Greene have garnered a remarkable amount of views. Statistics say, thus it is so, and it pleases me beyond belief to know that Ted’s music, lessons, and perhaps just general curiosity about Ted are all drawing so much attention.

Possibly the harsh and brutal winter that buffeted much of the northern hemisphere had many snowed in and by fortuitous opportunity ventured into this realm?

Be how it may, thank you one and all for coming to visit.

The lesson pages this month are from Ted’s file titled Application of Harmonic Concepts.  Each page contains a considerable amount of information, (typical for Ted’s lesson pages), but as always take each area in small sections, slowly. Ted offers many options for each concept; listen and compare.  It is certainly not necessary to learn them all, ‘tis fine to simply determine and learn your favorites!  I think that these two particular studies have a wide-ranging application and usefulness for many areas of playing.

New for March:

Video: The much-anticipated Parts 3 and 4 of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar from May 18, 2003.

Lessons: Application of Harmonic Improvement Concepts

Harmonization Studies for Intros, Endings, Interludes and Fills – 2 Pages

Tunes: I Got Rhythm – Chord Melody

I Got Rhythm – Comping

And I Love Her – Chord Melody

From the Students: All compilations and notes for the following Ted Greene arrangements are by Paul Vachon

I Got Rhythm – Chord Melody

I Got Rhythm – Comping

And I Love Her

There is something else I feel important to emphasize: Paul Vachon, on his own accord, by virtue of knowledge, humility and graciousness prepares and explains the chord melody arrangements every month.  I do hope (even mildly implore?) you to take the time to read his words as they lend much clarity and invaluable assistance in navigating your way through these pieces. Those who never had the opportunity to study with Ted personally will find Paul’s work is especially beneficial.

I bid you persistence and joy in all your strivings.

Barbara Franklin

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Searching for Songs and Lessons?

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

For all those looking for specific song arrangements or lesson material, please go to http://www.tedgreene.com -Guitar Lessons – if we have posted it at all, that’s where you are likely to find what you are looking for and lots more!  Barbara

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My Life with the Chord Chemist

My Life with the Chord Chemist is once again available on Amazon.com

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New at TedGreene.com for February 2011

February 2011 TedGreene.com Newsletter

Mid-Winter Greetings,

How soon our remembrance of the holidays slip into some distant ideological hollow and one-twelfth of the year falls away to mingle or dissipate with those memories.

Thus is it with time; and the all-consuming present predominates.

How much is ours to determine what’s to be held inside and what is to be forgotten?

However, one could be consciously making an effort to retain information, hence in regard to learning music, (the most relevant example for our purposes), memory becomes essential.  So.  Onward.

What this month holds:

Video: This year we will attempt to present all of Ted’s seminars in the video section, beginning this month with ­­­­­­­­­­­Part One of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003. Listen at TedGreene.com Video Section and also on Ted Greene’s Youtube channel.

New Song: Interesting notes about the song chosen for February:

Happy Days Are Here Again, Music by Milton Ager and lyrics by Jack Yellen was recorded by Leo Reisman and His Orchestra, with Lou Levin, vocal (November 1929), and was used in the 1930 film Chasing Rainbows. The film was about Drunks, Bootlegging and Prohibition and the song was the finale, celebrating the imminent repeal of Prohibition. Today, the song is probably best remembered as the campaign song for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s successful 1932 presidential campaign.

(source: Wikipedia – edited by me)   Ted and I never watched this movie.

Lesson Notes: Within the immense framework of Ted’s lesson material, the ever observant Paul Vachon alerted me to a file Ted designated Application of Harmonic Concepts. This rather massive file in itself contains many lesson sheets applicable to quite a few of Ted’s Chord Melody arrangements.  I choose two that I thought would complement this month’s arrangement of Happy Days Are Here Again.

New Lessons Material:

Harmony: Diatonic Harmony Derived from Bass Lines

Diatonic Major Harmony: Ascending Bass Starting from Various I’s

Tune: Happy Days are Here Again Ted’s Chord Melody Arrangement

From the Students: Happy Days are Here Again – Compilation and commentary by Paul Vachon

And I close with a rare quote from one of our most revered masters:

“Bring me a bowl of coffee before I turn into a goat” J.S. Bach

Once again, wishing you joy and inspiration,

Barbara Franklin

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My Life With the Chord Chemist

Greetings everyone!
For those who still want to read My Life with the Chord Chemist:

The book is temporarily unavailable because all the typos had to be corrected. I will be receiving the proof copy and as soon as I check it again! it will be resubmitted to Amazon.com for all who still wish to read it.  The process will take about two weeks.
Thanks for your patience.


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