A bit of Ted’s Wisdom

“Knowing either consciously or intuitively what to feel, think, say & do (also the reverse – what NOT to say, do etc.) The wise man listens more & speaks less unless he really has something helpful to say. The wise man keeps a constant eye directed inwardly to detect & weed out anything that would be harmful to others or himself. Some key words associated with Wisdom: Gratitude, Observation, Discrimination, Silence, Humility”

A Favorite Quote:

“…..because I love the orchestra, the big sound, I try to cop that sound at least on ballads and a few things. I guess I’ve studied that more than guitar in some ways. Always with an eye to putting it on the guitar though. Film music, symphonic things , jazzy stuff. Yeah, the orchestra. Just wild for those sounds, those voicings. I’ve tried to stay away but it’s hopeless. “ Go on, study some Wes today. Can’t, gotta get those string section voicings on ‘Dye A Fallow Gibbon On Thee Olde Smoked Flea’ (sorry).”

Ted as as always, experimenting…

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