Halloween Whimsey

No, Ted and I did not participate in any Halloween activities for the length of our time together (July ’92 to July ’05).

On a whim, I picked out these wax-candy lips at the supermarket, since I knew Lori would be visiting us that particular evening.  What a surprise it was that Ted consented to put them on!  We all remembered having these when we were children and how much fun it was chewing the lips into a large waxy ball.

Well, that was never to be again. Unfortunately, the lips didn’t taste nearly as good as we recalled, in less than a minute we spit them into the trash. But we had a good laugh.

I am glad we took the photos.  As you can see, Ted could be very silly and playful at times.   Being silly and playful on occasion is highly recommended.

In actuality, as an adult Ted was very uncomfortable with the concept of Halloween.  Ted believed that there were “spirits” good and evil pervading the earth.  He felt that light (a physical light source), kept the bad spirits at bay, as well as did  positive thoughts and actions.

One day my mother asked us if we wanted her old Ouija board (just for fun), and Ted was adamant about refusing it, he claimed it was dangerous, as it could harbour bad spirits.

Regardless of belief, it was most evident that Ted never magnetized anything but goodness.

(me and Lori)

And of course there was Quincy to consider – our beautiful black cat.  Ted was very protective (understandably) during the Halloween period and insisted on keeping Quincy indoors for the entire week, much to Quincy’s dismay.

Quincy silhouetted against Luscious (Guild X550)

  1. Molly Morgan
    October 21, 2010 at 7:10 am

    A most excellent posting! On my way to bed as I have been “fudging” on sleep. I hope to speak with you on Sunday. Reminder; that is my Mom’s birthday.

  2. October 29, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Thank you Molly! I am so happy you found the Archives and that you liked that post! I’m sorry I’d not noticed your comment earlier, I do not receive too many comments therefore I am somewhat remiss about looking…. so what a surprise! We have already spoken. I sent your mom a birthday card (which you already know). Love, Barbie

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