A Most Worthy Student: Meet Dan Sindel

Dan Sindel has been invaluable to TedGreene.com, to me as a friend, an ardent student of Ted’s and I felt the desire to share with others Dan’s unique musical escapades! Marching In is a brilliant and inimitable CD featuring Dan’s masterful guitar playing, intertwining  classical counterpoint with extraordinary electronic effects.  Enjoy!

Barbara Franklin

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About Dan

Dan Sindel was indeed a student of Ted’s (on and off for about 20 years) and currently acts as webmaster for http://www.tedgreene.com helping keep Ted’s legacy alive in the digital realm.

Dan has taught professionally for over 20 years, performed for hundreds of thousands of people and has earned features in recent issues of Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. Dan has also created an online guitar lesson website www.ezgtr.com and has earned endorsements from some of the biggest names in musical manufactures and he is also a member of ASCAP.

Here are a few examples of Dan’s creativity

“Quick Guide To Reading Notes On The Guitar Neck” eBook
Written and designed by Dan Sindel

Learn to read notes and identify them on your guitar with the “EZGTR – Quick Guide To Reading Notes” eBook. Just in time for the holidays, The “EZGTR – Quick Guide To Reading Notes” eBook is ready for purchase!

Give the gift of musical knowledge!!! 29 pages of valuable info and charts. A bargain at $3.99 – BUY NOW

**This eBook is jam packed with all kinds of great info but it is not a complete tutorial on all aspects of reading or music theory. It is intended to give the guitar student a quick overview of how to identify and where to find the correct notes.


Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

Dan Sindel is back with his Symphonic Guitar version of Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007). If you are a fan of progressive rock such as ELP, Dream Theater etc… you will be to sure to love this as well

Hear 45 sec. sample

Sheet music/tab & backing track are available in the COMPLETE JAM PACK
<< Download MP3 – Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1. for 99 cents

<< Download Complete JAM PACK for only $3.99

Need more info – http://www.ezgtr.com


Dan Sindel’s debut recording effort “MARCHING IN”

Purchase a copy Dan’s “Marching In” at:
iTunes (download/mp3)
Guitar9.com (actual CD)

GUITAR PLAYER” magazines April 2008 issue says this about Dan:

“A lot of guitarists claim to be “orchestral” players, and the result is often dreadful to my ears, but Sindel is cagey enough to be both hilarious and enjoyable. His reading of this John Sousa march – perhaps best known as the Monty Python theme – is well arranged and goofy. It’s whacked out genius!

Website: http://www.dansindel.us

  1. July 12, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    My name is Randy De Vol and I was a student of guitar and life of Ted Greene for approx. 6 years refereed by GIT teacher Ross Bolton in the late 1980’s. I have been very interested in contacting any former students of Teds in hopes of following the legacy possibly being carried on by any of many of his student. Ted spoke highly of many of his student in his constant encouraging manner and I am very interested in being in contact with any, as I pursue further my guitar ventures. I was usually his 9 pm or 10 pm last student of the day ( in the early 90’s) as he graciously allowed me to stay much later than the hour sharing lessons of life as well as Guitar with me. I still have all of his literature as he was adamant of me making copies and they are a priceless value to me now. Please contact me at your convenience for I am very interested in sharing/ and being shared with the invaluable knowledge only he possessed in his time. Please forgive my lack of eloquence in expression of my interests. Sincerely and with great regard, Randy De Vol (818) 391-5396 Email; rdevol@hotmail.com

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