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Here is a nice collection of Book Reviews/Personal letters to the author Barbara Franklin from The Ted Greene Forums –

My Life with The Chord Chemist: A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar



Hi Barbara –
The book arrived and it’s been inspiring and moving to read all that you so lovingly
committed to each page…the words which, for me, characterize the tone of your outlook & writing are: understanding, patience and connection
it’s a very tender human story that you tell…
I am enjoying it immensely!
Thanks from
John C. McCain


As I’d hoped, I got your book for Christmas and had to work very hard to ration my reading of the book.  I mean this in the nicest possible way, so I hope you’ll read it this way – it is light years better than I’d expected.  I had no idea that you were such a great writer, and while one might have hoped for this good a story, I had no idea that your story with Ted was so compelling.  It answered so many questions for me, and it surely put Ted Greene in some sort of context for me.  You have to understand, for those of us who were never blessed to know him first hand, he can be a pretty daunting figure, yet everyone said what an approachable guy he was.  Having listened to, and watched a few lessons I was able to get some idea of his teaching style, but you really brought Ted Greene back to life for us, Barbara.  Thank you so much for that and I hope the reward that you feel at its completion will compensate for the emotional pain you had to have felt while writing these pages.  WOW!  Thank you for a wonderful, respectful yet frank and revealing look at Ted Greene.  I look forward to learning from him for years to come!  Mark Jenkins


Dear Barbara

I just finished reading it. I think it’s a wonderful love story and a fascinating account of who Ted was, thoughtfully and articulately presented by the one who knew Ted most completely. I found the structure appropriate and easily followed. I thought you achieved a very comfortable balance between the small details of a given day and the overall arc of the progression of the years presented. I also found the amount of journal references used judicious — an informative seasoning which doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the flow. I can’t imagine anyone familiar with Ted, his work, music and standing in the musical world not enjoying the reading of this book or being grateful to you for writing it. I certainly am.

I think you should consider your mission accomplished and well done. I can’t imagine how the book could be improved.       Steve Ferguson



He absolutely loved your beautiful and gracious account of Teddy’s and

your life together. You are a gifted writer Barbie, having provided an incredible amount of  love, insight and compassion into the mind of our dear departed friend.

Such an accomplishment of love and loss!  Tom Bocci


Dear Barbara,

So… I finished reading your book and Wowwwww OMG, Your book should be on the New Times Best sellers! I seriously mean that. It’s a stellar, it touched me so much and it brought me so much closer to Ted. Things I kinda speculated but was never sure of and things I would of never known. Also, your love for him, his music, his passion and his heart and soul. Your love for the whole package of him is what true love is all about!! You should be so proud of what you have done & accomplished.

It touched my heart so much! It just blows me away how much I learned from your book, about love, passion, caring and about Ted! I have said it before, you are truly an amazing woman, you are an angel! I’m so proud of you as well, I know it had to be difficult for you to write this book and your personal Life with Ted. You’re a queen, you’re highly intelligent, well spoken and your heart is real, its Gold! You are his soul mate and I know for fact you will, we all will rejoice with him one day. I promise you that and I am a man of my word and my faith!

Thank you for writing this book. It was definitely needed for many people but mostly for you! It is so well written and your love JUMPS out to the reader! You to have two hearts with one key!!!!         Andy Martin


Hi Barbara,

I’m the newest member on the T.Greene forum.

Last night I read your Mr. Greene Memoir in one rush and would be interested in an deluxe hardback edition, any chances about?

It’s the best music biography I”ve read in years and it deserves more

than paperback edition.

Sincerely,   Bodo Paschke


I don’t know how to tell you just how deeply this story registers with me. It simply vibrates with energy.

The picture you paint of Mr. Greene so apparently innocent and open about his need to “organize” enhances my impression of him as being quite candid and sincere (not to forget a wee bit quirky) while displaying an unusual degree of self understanding.

Your ready acceptance of the situation reveals much of your character as well..  A very beautiful story of two very special people coming together. My sincere gratitude for all your extended efforts at bringing the life and love of this special man to the eyes and ears of the world.    Wayne Sturdy


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