How One Thing Led to another/Then a Lesson for Us

It seemed as if Ted entered my afternoon like a tornado, which he didn’t, except that I was in an especially quiet, absorbed state playing guitar and watching basketball really trying hard to learn “Girl With the Flaxen Hair,” which we got into quite sometime later, but initially we were led outside to put a new tag on Bronco which instigated an avid search for the insurance card, (did he ever find it?), then to start his sad neglected car, Betsy.  I returned to the house to continue what I was doing.  When he came back in I begged a simple request of him to reposition one chord (or two) as the difficulty level was an exasperating stumbling block to master, and being able to play the piece.   We entered into a very trying student/teacher dilemma of mutual frustration, his argument being that if I persevered I would get it, my counter argument being that I would be able to get it now if only he would change those chords. This was eventually resolved to our mutual satisfaction. How: Compromise.


Watching the Lakers while Ted makes the chord changes.  How much more could love be expressed? Oh! How lucky I was to have him!

The Compromise: Ted would make the changes under the condition that I continue to practice the original chords he gave me so one day I will also have the option of using them too. How could I not agree to that?


Sometime Later: Seriously trying…..

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