Ted and the Squirrel and What Else Ted Saw!

from My Life with the Chord Chemist

“…I went into the house and brought out a slice of apple, coaxed the squirrel down the branch and handed it the apple.  Ted was amazed, he’d never seen a “tame” squirrel, and thought it absolutely adorable.   Later we went to Trader Joe’s market for nuts and other goodies.  When we returned, Ted went back outside to feed the squirrel.  Close to an hour later he came back in…   Then curiously, I asked Ted if he had noticed all the flowers blooming in my garden, many a brilliant yellow, his favorite color but he said no.  So naturally I asked him what he saw when he went outside and he said he saw nothing!  He told me he was in his head, as was usual. This time he was thinking the G# melodic minor scale.”

Puffy” the Squirrel – so named by Ted

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