Wiring Diagram #2- A Mystery to Me

I have received many questions regarding the unique sounds Ted was able to get out of his guitars. Questions about set up, amplifiers, settings, basically all the aspects that combine to produce a beautiful tone quality.

Perhaps I have yet to come across some notes, but as far as I can tell, Ted did not write much on this subject; and most of the time when Ted was tinkering with his guitars and amps, I wasn’t paying any attention to what he was doing.  Many a day Ted would spend hours on what seemed to me tedious details of re-wiring, soldering, etc.  All I knew is that every guitar we had sounded spectacular.

Well, I came across another wiring diagram; it is definitely an old one.  I do not understand how to interpret it, but I thought I’d share it considering that it might be of use to someone.  Surely there must be at least one person who can figure this out and benefit from the knowledge?  Or maybe not.


Look at all this wonderful stuff!

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