More Margin Notes

Ted on Excellence

Ted crossed out the word “unchallenging” and wrote a very insightful comment on the way he viewed everything!  I re-write it here:

” not at all…EVERYthing’s an artistic challenge to excellence IF you want it to be. Every conversation, letter, gift, EVERYthing.”


Self-reliance and Soldering

 Ted told me that for a time (a few years?) during his childhood, he used to continually pester adults with incessant questions about everything. Ted’s curiosity was insatiable.  When upon realizing he was annoying everyone and not getting satisfying answers, if any at all, he decided to stop asking others, and rely solely on his own research and studying to supply his knowledge in all areas.  Ted maintained this attitude throughout his life.

The smile of success, Ted is rewarded by his efforts.

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