An excerpt from “My Life with the Chord Chemist”

“On the last day of August we separated.  (Which turned out to be for six days.) Under these sad and unresolved circumstances, Ted seemed glaringly absent from my life and I missed him terribly.

How many visible and invisible scars would mar our lives? A lifetime’s worth, like collected relics.  If fortunate, perfection formed ones origin, soft and flawless; then soon a skinned knee, a gash here and there or a hurtful word was inescapable. A heartless remark and the inevitable shin against table leg, or the edge of the kitchen knife slicing into a finger; it all added up as deductions from that perfection we knew was impossible to maintain.

Monday, the 6th was Labor Day and mid-afternoon Ted came back. He told me he couldn’t bear to stay away any longer and promised not to press the issues disturbing us. He said he realized I had enough to deal with already. At that moment, a sudden flooding of love swept away all the past pain.  That our love above all else sustained us was undeniable, and nothing else mattered.”

Another excerpt from My Life With the Chord Chemist…

“In mid May, on Mother’s Day, after brunch with my family, Ted took me to one of his favorite music store haunts called Musician’s Supply. Ted wrote, “pick up new Bach lute suite music folio & Counterpoint in the Style of J.S. Bach by Thomas Benjamin & old book Bach’s Orchestra by Charles Stanford Terry. Then sitting in car in front of her place on a beautiful day, explain my ‘magic formula’ for Baroque cycle of 4th’s: Hold the R & 3, lower the other two tones one diatonic scale step.  She loves its ease.” I was so impressed that Ted had figured this out. Now as I pondered this “magic formula,” I began to slowly understand the workings of his incredibly gifted musical mind. “

(Ted’s “Magic Formula” for Baroque Cycle of 4ths)











Ted’s Significant Insights

1. THE KEY TO THE INSTRUMENT in (various styles too) is a thorough knowledge of
2 & 3 NOTE VOICINGS from which to create the appreciation of the true richness of the larger ones through your favorite devices of EXPANSION, GROWTH, and CONTRARY MOTION.

2. MELODY is the SUPREME ORGANIZER in music; Bass is the “2nd” Melody.




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