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NEW at for JUNE 2010

From      June 2010     Newsletter

Late Spring Greetings,

With summer coming, perhaps there will be more time to put in on the guitar?  You’ll need it with the abundance of new lesson material for this month.

In the new video, Ted discusses writing the article on Wes Montgomery, and also comments on Wes’ playing style.  With that in mind, most of the lesson material this month is Wes related!

In accordance with that there is a special contribution from Ted’s student, David Oakes. The written introduction to his version of Night Wes, includes some interesting details which I will share here:

Night Wes is one of Ted’s original compositions.  Anyone that knew Ted was fully aware of Ted’s love for the guitar and musicality of Wes Montgomery.  Ted told me that he was inspired by two of his favorite Wes songs to create the composition.  The first one was Joe Zawinul’s Midnight Mood and the second was Bumpin’ on Sunset. That is where the “night” reference came into play.”

Paul Vachon has also contributed his compilation of Night Wes.  There are a few dissimilarities between Paul’s version and David’s version.  The explanations for each arrangement are detailed separately in From the Students, along with both versions.

Paul, above and beyond amazing, has also done compilations of the lesson material, Walkin’ With Wes, Wes Octaves and Walkin’ Bass Jumpback Blues in F#, as requested by a well- deserving Tim Lerch, who has contributed excellent video lessons of Ted’s blues pieces, AND  is planning a new video on Youtube for June of Walking Bass Jumpback Blues in F# to coincide with the lesson material! Wow!

Lesson Material:

Jazz/Blues Section:

Walkin’ With Wes #2 – Ted’s Original Blues Study

Walkin’ With Wes #3 – Ted’s Original Blues Study

Wes Octave Moving Positions – Ted’s page for playing octaves like Wes

Walking Bass Jumpback Blues (in F#) – Ted’s Original Blues Study

Jumpback Blues (in A) – Ted’s Original Blues Study

From the Students:

‘Night Wes – Paul Vachon’s compilation pages & comments

Night Wes – David Oakes’ version in musical notation & comments

Walking Bass Jumback Blues (in F#) Paul Vachon’s compilation of Ted’s page

Walkin’ With Wes #2 – Paul Vachon’s compilation of Ted’s page

Walkin’ With Wes #3 – Paul Vachon’s compilation of Ted’s page

Jumpback Blues (in A) – Paul Vachon’s compilation of Ted’s page


‘Night Wes – Ted Greene original composition

There you have it, and considering the copious amount of new pieces to play, I chose not to post any additional lesson material.  Paul Vachon and David Oakes have graciously imparted all these lessons to you.

May you find something here to delight you!

Barbara Franklin

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