A Movie Theme Transcription and more….

A Movie Theme Transcription and more…

For some reason Ted needed to make a transcription of the theme from Beauty and the Beast. Perhaps for a student?  He didn’t note it in his journal.  However, I remember well what ensued as a result: A very touching experience which left me with a treasured memory I will always hold close in my heart along with Ted’s enchanting words.  Here I share Ted’s words with you and I think about how very blessed I was to have Ted’s love.

I also share the transcription, which I think many will find very interesting.

From Ted’s Journal:

July 5, 1996Beauty & the Beast – Transcribe this beautiful theme & watch & LOVE!  I’m stunned beyond thrilled, especially because it’s as if someone tapped into Barbara’s soul & made this movie with her vibration all over it.

Barb calls to tell me that she has 5 more cubes ready for me. I tell her about the movie & we have a nice long talk.”

July 6, 1996 “Lovely day & night for us.  Very hot!  Pick up Barb and 3 cubes.  Visit Max and Neil…nice vibes.  We buy Ozzie Smith cards for Molly, also Poetry magazine & more at the Woodland Hills newsstand.

We watch ‘Beauty & the Beast’ & she loves it as much as I thought she would.  We are just ECSTATIC & so moved.

And here I share the transcription:

  1. David Bishop
    August 21, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Beautiful story, Barb. What are these cubes you made for Ted?

  2. August 22, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Thanks David. The cubes were some kind of dense fiberboard that came in a kit. Ted had gotten some before I met him and I happened to see some at a home improvement type of store, took a chance and bought a few. I had a friend assemble them and Ted was delighted to have more storage space for books, magazines, everything and anything that would fit. We ended up buying about 50 cubes that year. And filling them up! Ted allowed the cubes because they were aesthetically pleasing to his eye, and liked the fact that they were individual “boxes” that he could arrange in various formations. When he moved from apartment #9 to #8 he gave away several huge book shelves he felt were too massive looking and took up too much room! You can see the cubes in the Ted and Barbara family photo section(?) in the Forums – I think it’s under General Topics. Barbara

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