more from “My Life with the Chord Chemist”

“Undoubtedly we are among the lucky ones on this planet–those of us, musicians and otherwise, who just swoon for music, from music. If musicians are lucky or are making their own luck, they’ll chase, find, absorb, and play the sounds they love the most. Anyone’s musical heroes have of course, done this. J. S. Bach did. Joni Mitchell did. Wes Montgomery did, Chet Atkins, Beethoven, Debussy, Albert, B.B. and Freddy King, The Beatles, The ‘Stones. Name a musician you admire and usually that’s what they did. Some of us lesser lights can follow their lead. Why not? Got to chase what you love if you can.”

From Part IV  “Interview” In Ted’s Own Words:    “Desire is the Engine of Life” Ted Greene   (more from the interview……)

“So if somebody asked me,“ in regards to human behavior, what do you think ‘runs the planet,’ what’s the one most powerful thing?  I’d have to say ‘desire’.  Desire is it, as best I can tell. Desire runs the show for the human race. Also not uncommonly, intense desire, if you prefer two words. A way I’m fond of speaking about all this is to simply say, “Desire is the Engine of Life.” At least the main engine.  It’s the one lens through which you can include most actions of the human race. And more. I like it. I would have preferred it to have been Love but it isn’t–though it’s running a close second and oftentimes, is just about the same thing.

‘Instinct’ and ‘Intuition’ are in there too, battling for ‘best supporting actor.”

A Note From Ted’s Journal

(7/22/83)  “Because I noticed I am loving this naturally (it has evolved little by little, more & more it becomes clear, IT FINALLY COMES TO ME: In my own fight for and against my playing, it is imperative to first & foremost, PLAY with LOTS of feeling and emotions and a beautiful, lots of reverb, mellow full tone. Fancy fills are nice but not the essence of what I want to say.”

“ May I take a moment and say that the student has to know that he or she is working on something that will yield results. Even if at first, it comes down to them just trusting me to know, the progress will show, will show up if they’re putting in the time.  So ideally, they have to know what they want to learn, and that they will get it if they work hard enough.  My job is then to give them the tools for them to manifest the skill they are after. There it is. There’s my “ What They’ll Work On” setup, the ‘Big Four’ in this regard : What STYLE of Music, what FORMAT, which of course will require what SKILLS, which will in turn necessitate them learning what TOOLS ?”

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