A Few Misc.Thoughts

When Quincy watched the Lakers

“Now I long for evenings with nothing to consider about the days being numbered.  When life was a simple meal, tortillas & melted cheese, Ted indulging in leftover cold chow mien (ugh) and raw carrots, as we listen to Brahms Symphony #4.   Soon the Lakers would be playing, Quincy was a big Lakers fan as a kitten, which he eventually outgrew.  Ted and I…… never! ”


Ode to My Toneman

Glistening strings still …..

reverberate beyond the bounds

of these solid and hollow bodies

harmonies born from the heart

yielding to dreams

Resounding now through endless realms

celestial tones unwoven and flowing

subtle,  splendid as a blessing

the resonance,  sustaining

like the breath that connects us.

Barbara Franklin


A Ted Greene Perception:

“Reliability has not proven to be a reliable thing. It’s the damndest thing. I’ve been in a truly fine state of mind, looking forward to a gig, in great health, hands working an hour earlier, and have sat down at gigtime and then played like a seasick love otter, and gotten the worst tone since Bozo the Clown and Granny Goose honked it up at the local bar after a few drinks. Other times–just a toejam of a day, where I’m sure the human race was one of God’s least pleasant experiments, and then I go out on stage and suddenly start playing on some whole other level where near-magic stuff seems to come from the fingers.”  Ted Greene



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