Amongst the Clutter

A Little Lesson Discovered Amongst the Clutter

As I’ve stated in the past, Ted was constantly coming up with new approaches to learning.  Sometimes these were inadvertently discovered while just messing around, other times they were deliberately constructed for a specific purpose.   How this one came about I am not sure because Quincy-cat discovered it tucked away in a corner. He played through some of it before he took his settled in for an afternoon nap.  But cats, even Quincy, get bored easily, he forgot Ted’s advice to “put some rhythmic life into it.”

The exercises are numbered 1 through 4.  In each exercise Ted wrote “etc.”  He wants you to continue the descending pattern of the scale using the interval he first indicated.   Remember this is in the key of D! (2 #’s).  So in the first exercise play the C# bass note (let it ring) then play the scale notes F#GABC#.  The bass will continue descending (C# B as written), then A G F# E D.  You will notice a pattern emerging! All the notes will form a descending D major scale from each degree of the scale!

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