Words to Remember

When the confetti-like remnants filled paper bags, I could have closed my eyes and chosen a handful of scraps from all that I salvaged, an effortless way, almost a game, but guaranteed to render some treasured gem.

In a way, there is more order than chaos now, the fragments, wisps and bits scribbled with morsels of wisdom are sorted by size in protective air-tight plastic bags.  Still… it’s potluck when I opt to share what I find, more on the lucky side since there is little of insignificance.

Having lost count of the days, I’ll simply use ‘of late,’ I stared at a fragment in my hand – the words written, known to me, in my head Ted’s gleeful voice when he conjured up a turn of phrase he loved – he loved doing this –  he loved words!

Discovering it brought back the memory and more of course; that he wrote it down was no surprise.  It had become one of his favorites, and I include it here, undated- my guess the late ’90s:  “Your lines should sing and you should sing your lines.” Simply put, cleverly worded valuable advice.

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