Random concepts for practicing

These are random notes Ted wrote to himself amongst the 1000’s I found.  I thought perhaps these might be of interest.  There is a 23-year gap between the times they were written.

Considering Ted’s notes might be a bit difficult to read, here they are:

Chord Melody Concepts (11/26/80)

1. Play melody with same general melodic contour but from different degree. Ex. Lady Be Good in C – CMaj9\D C B  F#9+\D  F13sus\D  or just think in another key for whole choruses or just as teaser for one verse.

2. Establish some melodic and/or rhythmic figure in the intro, and keep using variations on it in the fills, interludes, & such.   Ex. Moving 10th in 3 note diatonic ascending from iii7 (all the way up to) –  iv7  bVII  ii7  V7

This tune needs help in all the pauses  * (Ted is indicating the above example for When I Fall in Love also.)  This will give life to it at these places.   For second chorus: segue into a subtle waltz to a fingerpicking 3/4

3. Try every tune with half-time melody against very up-tempo 4/4 or 3/4 double-time with walking bass.

Ted continued to come up with new ideas, this: 23 years later (11/01/03)


Please Practice:  (on Angela (Blond Guild X170) preferably) Key of E medium-up straight 8ths with conversational bass.

Ted notated the chords by Roman Numeral.  The slash underneath indicates what the inversion of the chord is, ex. /5 means 5th in the bass (2nd inversion).

The slash over the chord indicates the melody note on top (or soprano), ex. \3 is the 3rd on top and \R means root on top.

He’s written “Think of the rhythmic figures of songs grafted onto these! Ex. 1. You’re All I Need to Get By AND TV COMMERCIALS: Ex. 2. “I Can’t Seem to Forget You – Your Windsong Stays on my Mind”

Not too big of a stretch….. Um, yes.

  1. Paul Vachon
    July 30, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Nice stretch Ted! Hey, is that chord your famous minor 17th chord?
    1, 5, b7, b3, 6(13), 17 (a major 3rd voiced an octave above the b3rd)

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