Ted’s Tribute to Pumpkin-cat

I must retract a statement I made when I responded to Nicholas about the post WORDS! WORDS! WORDS!   Ted did in fact write lyrics ONE time that I know of. I came across this most memorable paper and thought it worth sharing with whoever chooses to visit these Archives.

Our “quirky” cat Pumpkin was already 4 years old when Ted wrote this.  It seemed that Pumpkin would never get over his “high startle response” to even what appeared to us the most insignificant of things.   I recall Pumpkin venturing into the backyard one day when a rather large leaf drifted down from the Sycamore tree and settled next to him frightening him enough to send him scurrying into the house.  A leaf!  So.

Ted and I used to leave each other notes; many times when I was sleeping Ted would write me a note before he left to go back to his apartment to teach.  Thus I found this one morning upon waking:


The photo below shows Pumpkin securely sleeping.  Note Ted’s ubiquitous bags ‘o stuff gracing the living room floor.

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