Students To Take Note Of:

Welcome to “Students To Take Note Of”:

The people who have  pages in this section are all very special students I felt worth your attention, and I am sure that Ted would agree.  Not only are they accomplished musicians but they also embody the spirit of kindness, caring and sharing in their everyday lives.

My wish is that these pages will be beneficial for all concerned.


At the Ted Greene Memorial Picnic – Encino Park – 2007 (?)

In this photograph are some of Ted’s other students and friends who also exemplify the fine qualities mentioned above.

Please forgive me, I don’t know everyone’s name. If those whose names I’ve forgotten see this and wish to email me, please do. Those I do know are:

Back row L to R: (man in sun glasses), Bill La Salle, (me) Barbara Franklin, Dan Sindel, Bob Holt, Adam Tyler, Leon White, William Perry

Seated L to R: (in striped dress-Nick’s friend), Nick Stasinos, Steve Brodie,(man in red shirt), (man w/ blond hollow body cutaway, Gibson?), Dan Sawyer, (man in cowboy hat)

Fond memories of a beautiful, fun and poignant celebration.

  1. Nick Stasinos
    June 22, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Here are the missing names: Man in sun glasses = Pat Ciliberto, in striped dress-Nick’s friend = Elizabeth Eng, man with blond hollow body cutaway Gibson = Marc Blumenreich, man in red shirt = James Hober, man in cowboy hat = Peter Huggins.

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