What Has Ted Got in His Pockets?

What has Ted got in his pockets?

What is it like to always be coming up with a new idea, or find so very many things on this planet utterly fascinating, to have an almost infinite curiosity?  How does one remember all that one was intrigued by – inside of just one day?   Ted was continually writing notes to himself so he wouldn’t forget anything.  There were scraps of paper everywhere with notes covering them.  He jotted down whatever caught his attention at the moment on any little snippet near by.

Of course, many got misplaced, but the most salient got stuffed into his pockets. The pocket of his shirt (he would not wear a shirt that didn’t have a left front pocket), and the pockets in his pants were crammed with scraps of paper. These sheaves were transferred each time he changed clothes.  Actually more notes accumulated than were actually referenced.

On one piece of paper is a note I wrote to him that he chose to keep with him. I loved his sentimentality best.  I cried when I first found it.

Quite often Ted and I would leave each other notes because prior to my waking he would leave for his apartment to teach.  I treasure them all.

Here is a collage showing some (a mere fraction) of what was in the pocket of the last shirt he wore.

In this photo of Ted and Cocoa, notice the left pocket of Ted’s shirt is so crammed, it’s distended.

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