Ted’s list of Teles he has owned and loved

It appears that Ted made this list in 1984 as noted at the top of the page.

I thought this list would be of timely interest considering that Ted’s Teles have been showing up for sale on occasion of late and most especially the newest offering, a ’52 Tele for $45,000.

Many of the Telecasters on this list had been bought and sold prior to 1992.  Ted found good homes for four of them during the course of our togetherness, and left behind eight, (the whereabouts of which I know only two), when he exited this world.

I reiterate Ted’s credo about owning guitars, “Guitars should be played, not DISplayed” as quoted from his journal.

With that note, here is the list.


The following if from my post in the TedGreene.com Forums section in response to the information posted therein about a ’52 Tele for sale, asking price $45,000. :

Ted would  be very disappointed and sad about such an exorbitant price, as he was astonished by the rising prices of old Teles during his last years on earth.
He would mostly just shake his head and take it in stride though, likewise with all things he found occurring that were contrary to his nature but which he realized were unfortunately commensurate with the times.
The main ‘credo’ he lived by regarding guitars was “Guitars should be played not DISplayed” as quoted from his journal.

A price this steep bodes not well for a player to afford; ‘twould be a shame if it was sold to a collector and certainly Ted was not in favor of ‘guitar museums’.

Not many people on this planet can afford to pay $45,000 for anything!  All we can do is hold a willful wish that she is purchased by someone solely out of love and for the honor of caring for one of Ted’s treasures.


  1. Ronald Cid
    March 4, 2011 at 3:31 am

    So sad to hear that they must be sold. Seems to me there must be sone young genius out there that deserves a Stradivarius/Greeene/Fender Tele like instrument that would use that instrument to it’s full potential. The problem with prices that high is that only the rich, and usually under-talented players can afford this type of instrument. I gave my Gibson 61 LP, my ES335 1963, and another old LP to my son. Better in his hands that these old fingers, and believe me I have made him aware of Ted. He’s not his all time favourite player at the moment as he is into the younger gun-slingers, but at least he knows the quality is there and one day I’m sure will come across the legend and one of my well worn out copies of Modern Chords Progressions or Chord Chemistry, and then I know he will fully understand. It’s OK for now.

    In the interim, one can only hope that someone purchases them and à la Bill Gates is extremely generous with the needy, and that they do not sit in cases in some rich persons living room as museum pieces, or hood ornaments.


  2. March 7, 2011 at 12:54 am

    Yes Ron, one can only hope. Perhaps if it (the Tele), has any of Ted’s energy left in it, it will find a way to the right place? Barbara

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