Our Sometimes Convoluted Expression of Love

“When we spoke by phone, I was somewhat despondent, I  just wanted to see him and knew he’d rather just stay home and work. But he came because he knew I was sad. Yet, I was sad anyway for him coming just because I wanted him to, I wanted him to want to be here.  This I told him,  he said in a way he wanted to, as it upset that him I was sad.  By the time he arrived  here that was all  forgotten.”


From “My Life with the Chord Chemist”

“Soon Ted’s 50th birthday arrived. His preference was to have a memorable celebration for just the two of us. It was a mild September day, partly cloudy and perfect for walking in the city.  We were both energetic and our excitement grew stronger as we approached our destination; downtown Los Angeles.  Suddenly the buildings loomed up all around us.  We found a parking lot on Main St. and began our walk.  In one of the first stores we came to we purchased a disposable camera and inside of 10 minutes had taken many photos of fabulous old buildings.  We continued up Main St. and within a few blocks came to a store where a guitar and amplifier got Ted’s attention.  He spent almost 45 minutes there, decided he wanted them and left a deposit. “A red Squire Strat, just was in need of some love & since she sounded fantastic (on all 5 sounds) especially through that little tan K65 Dean Markley amp (I’ve wanted one ever since I heard a fellow named Chips in South Pasadena one Friday night in the late 1980’s when I bought a wonderful Panasonic 1431 HF VCR from him).”

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