Ted Greene Quotations

“Music is about how it makes us feel, while we’re in it and later when we’re remembering it.  And more important for some, music is about the effects of this, on us, on our lives……and those of others.  There are a million and one things to think of here, if one is so inclined.”  Ted Greene

“It is your responsibility to work hard until you are confident playing music that touches others’ hearts the way it has touched yours.” Ted Greene

“Desire is the Engine of Life. At least the main engine. It’s the one lens through which you can include most actions of the human race. And more. I like it. I would have preferred it to have been Love but it isn’t – though it’s running a close second…” Ted Greene

 ” I don’t make much progress without work. One of my old habits though is I do try to make my work fun when I can. ” Ted Greene

 A Tedicism on Reliability: “Reliability has not proven to be a reliable thing. It’s the damndest thing. I’ve been in a truly fine state of mind, looking forward to a gig, in great health, hands working an hour earlier, and have sat down at gigtime and then played like a seasick love otter, and gotten the worst tone since Bozo the Clown… and Granny Goose honked it up at the local bar after a few drinks. Other times–just a toejam of a day, where I’m sure the human race was one of God’s least pleasant experiments, and then I go out on stage and suddenly start playing on some whole other level where near-magic stuff seems to come from the fingers.” Ted Greene

 “….the sounds I heard as a very young guy are the sounds I came back to -those gorgeous chord changes in certain orchestral music. Those can sure keep you busy with something beautiful.” Ted Greene

 “Practice slowly, very slowly if need be, on anything that is difficult or not sounding right. And listen very carefully to yourself to hear what you are doing well and what you are not. Tape your playing from time to time. But don’t always listen back immediately. Give it a day or two. It can be a real eye-opener. The tape doesn’t lie. Just us humans do, sometimes to ourselves. Don’t do it, it’s a trap that will keep a person from ever getting really good on their instrument.” Ted Greene

 “My main purpose in being here: Spread beauty, increase beauty, or increase appreciation for that which already exists here.” Ted Greene

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