The Many Facets of Ted



THE MANY FACETS OF TED  Barbara Franklin


Ted had the rare gift of insight into how to connect with each student.  First, and most importantly, he took a genuine interest in each of his student’s, musically and personally.  This enabled him to assist in determining what would make them happiest to learn and to play.  For that reason, Ted was able to choose the best method of learning suited to each student’s personality and work habits.  Consequently, Ted’s personal focus and caring was woven into every lesson, combined with maintaining a friendly, casual atmosphere, made each student feel very special.


Ted’s musical instinct is difficult to explain. Although gifted with natural ability, it is another thing to eventually recognize that and then develop the necessary skills for application. This he did at full throttle.  Ted’s musical path evolved through long hours of exploration, listening, reading, studying, practicing and experimentation.  His highly developed sense of tone quality recognition, bears testimony in many ways:  from his exquisite use of chords, amazing improvisations, to knowing how to determine and utilize the best aspects of ANY guitar, and in amplifier settings specialized to perfection for each individual piece he played. He preferred teaching to performing for many reasons.   In teaching was learning, challenges, one to one exchanges and much happiness was derived from successful lessons.  As regard to live performance, Ted’s preference was a small, quiet venue where he could simply permeate the room with beauty.  Ted was uncomfortable giving concerts due to the direct attention focused on him, which he found much too intense.


Ted was ultra sensitive to the inequities of the world.  Always striving to do some good deed, sometimes to the point of being self-sacrificing, he would help friends, students, or strangers in need.  Ted was a vegetarian not for health reasons, but due to what he deemed was the cruelty animals were subjected to during their life and being slaughtered.  Although by preference, music encompassed much of his time, he did have many other interests such as studying human behavior, cars, basketball and baseball, the latter two both viewing and collecting the cards, and most recently collecting coins, to name a few fun ones.  His was a curious and child-like inquiring nature, never satiated. Almost everything and everyone fascinated Ted.


We were best friends, playmates, and lovers. Ted was the love of my life and fortunately I the love of his life. Basically, ours was a dyad, a world of two.  In the sanctity of home we spent most of our time sharing our love of languishing in every facet of music (listening, playing, studying, learning), watching sports or movies, being entertained by our cats, reading, doing puzzles and simply the joy of just being together.  Ted was magical and had a way of changing the ordinary into adventure of sorts, for example:  One New Years Eve we went to Tower Records to spend the very generous gift certificates given to each of us by my parents.  We made ourselves at home in the Classical section and since there were no employees around we began assisting the customers.  When finally near closing time an employee came in and found us behind the counter he was absolutely astonished!  (we were really just changing the CD) but we were booted out of there so fast despite our explanation, we laughed all the way home.

On many an occasion we did venture out, mostly to music stores, guitar stores, book stores and necessary errands, we were not reclusive, but rarely were we “social”.

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