Another great article on Ted

Get ready to work your way through the maze I’ve constructed…..

This article is from Vintage Guitar magazine 1996.  For those who aren’t familiar with this magazine, it comes in the form of a small newspaper – or so it used to, I actually know not if it is still in print.  Regardless, a newspaper is quite larger than a magazine and generally written in long columns, this format posed quite a conundrum to reproduce on the computer – at least for me anyway.

I have reconfigured the columns in order to present you the entire article complete with Ted’s comments – which tend to run across the page, columns or anywhere he  squeezed them in.   This was not an easy task by any means.   For me to present it accordingly (Ted’s comments intact), I had to cut it up and piece it back together, like a puzzle.  Thus it possibly becomes a bit of a puzzle for the reader too, however I did include instructions.

Remember that this is written in columns. On Page 1 – Column 1 continues down to the where you will find the first set of my written instructions.  Column 2 begins at the top of Page 1 and continues down to  where you will find the second set of  instructions. Column 3 begins at the top of Page 1 and continues down to where you will find the final set of instructions!  Which is basically that the remainder of the article is on the next page, (Page 2) *Note – there is no Page 3 as indicated in my writing – please ignore that! This should be able to be read “normally” although it must be read in columns! Whew!

Forgive me if I’ve confused you, but I do hope you take the opportunity to follow this “road map” because I do believe the article is well worth your while to read.  In the latter part Ted discusses each track from his Solo Guitar album – certainly worth Ted’s words on this subject.  I have attempted to try to guide you through it – in red – good luck and happy reading.     Barbara


(column 1 continues below- do not go  back to top of Page 1 yet)

————————————————-(my writing should say page 2 not 3! ^)

If you have followed the instructions that I tried to make very clear? (oh dear me!), you are now ready for Page 2 Columns 4, 5,& 6 – straight forward to the end. Whew!


Congratulations!  If you have come to the end and all was comprehensible somehow -you have fared very well, I commend you.   Interesting, yes?

  1. Paul Vachon
    February 11, 2011 at 6:00 am

    Thanks, Barbara!
    This is a great read, providing some info about Ted’s album.

  2. Jam Handy
    February 11, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Barbara, Thank you so much for your work posting this. While reading, I felt like I was right there listening to the interview. Excellent insight on hi Solo Guitar recording as well. Awesome !!

  3. March 7, 2011 at 2:47 am

    Hi Paul! Hi Jam!
    My pleasure to share this. When I came across the article I knew I had post it. Somehow. Glad I figured out a way. Thanks for commenting. Barbara

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