More Movie Ideas and a list of Cues

This page of Ted’s musical ideas is from the 1970s. Ted indicated some of the themes from several different movies. It was characteristic for Ted to deluge a page with details. I am guessing that many of these movies are still available and if so, worth viewing specifically for the music, although Ted and I also loved many of these films for their charm and poignancy.


Here is a copy of a page of cassette labels that Ted made for the various cues he taped directly from the TV.   On some he even included various sensations that could be induced from the music.


Below are two pages of themes Ted wrote out.  From, as noted, Gone With the Wind and The Best Years of our Lives.   In both movies the themes are very prominent and if one watches and listens these themes can be heard clearly.  To more easily understand how Ted would play around with this music, it is suggested that one watches either or both films, (or any noted on the other pages), with focus on a particular theme, and then peruse the notes that Ted made.

Regarding the pages below: From Gone With the Wind,  No.1 Tara’s theme is played throughout with many variations. No.6 Mammy’s theme stands out as a cheerful contrast.

From The Best Years of Our Lives – Ted did not mark rhythmic indications until you see the word “bluesy” which is an incredibly beautiful Gershwinesque phrase and Ted’s favorite from this film.  The main theme plays throughout and includes this bluesy section.

If you take the time to watch and listen, then view Ted’s notes, it is hoped that these paes will make more sense.


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