Ted’s Commendable Intention for Playing

During the latter years of his life, Ted tried more and more to stress to others that he not be considered solely a jazz guitarist. Observe how he amended the notice in the newspaper.

Likewise, he began to appear more often in public by giving seminars and performing monthly at Spazio’s.  The gigs were not sought by Ted but offered to him, and accepted graciously. And noted in the little article, he was right in emphasizing ‘not that rare’ considering the recent flurry of appearances.

Moreover, at that time in Ted’s life, he was motivated more strongly than ever to want to imbue the world with goodness and beauty.  As Ted observed the ever-growing chaotic state-of-the world, he sensed this was much needed now more than ever.  Although his quote below was written in 1988, he accentuated and embraced this concept with a renewed sense of necessity:

“My main purpose in being here: Spread beauty, increase beauty, or increase appreciation for that which already exists here.”

Ted Greene

photo: Nick Stasinos

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