Father’s Day Tribute

Initially posted in the TedGreene Forums, I wanted to also share these here today, Father’s Day 2010.

1. Ted, Dan (my father) at the piano, & me on Father’s Day 1997.
My father was also a musician, a child prodigy on the violin, a successful songwriter in the 1930’s, and Music Supervisor at Warner Bros. for about 45 yrs. Needless to say Ted & he had lots in common & adored each other.

2. Irwin (Ted’s father) me, & Ted at “Dukes” in Malibu. Irwin was a bit “tough” on the outside but actually was a real softy, kindhearted. He absolutely adored Ted, and was especially proud of him. Irwin bought Ted his first guitar, a Gibson – you could say he helped plant & nourish the seeds of Ted’s genius.

3. Ted relaxing with “our son” Quincy – who loved Ted, and of course, the feeling was mutual. Quincy knew the sound of Ted’s car & would perk right up. He knew “Daddy” was home even before I did.

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