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New for April at TedGreene.com

APRIL 2011 TedGreene.com Newsletter

Springtime Greetings,

While perusing a portion of the more or less recent lesson material that has been posted, it came to my attention that there have been no new BLUES lessons for quite a while.  Even if it’s not your main staple, perhaps it would be interesting to explore these distinctive little riffs.

Although I have been trying to coordinate the monthly lesson material to apply as closely as possible to Paul’s compilations, I thought – by now there is so much already posted that is applicable to chord melody – so how about some blues as a side dish this month?

Ted’s clever and tasty  “Freddy King Triplet Shuffle Run” and “A Multi-position Blues Run” provide another example of Ted’s unique approach to agreeable learning.  By following Ted’s instructions on the page, if one is diligent, the blues runs will open up a multitude of possibilities. Note: these are all single line studies.

This month’s chord melody arrangement, All the Things You Are was composed by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein for the 1939 musical Very Warm for May.  I am not at all familiar with the musical but this wonderful song has remained very popular as a jazz standard.  Please see Paul’s notes.

Also…. a “last minute addition!”  As per a request in the Forums from SonnyIntervals (Steve), included in this month’s lesson section (below: Chord Studies) is the lesson sheet Ted is using in Part 4 of the C.V.G. Seminar Video –  Paul found it! Wow!

New Video:

The much-anticipated Part 5 and Part 6 of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003.

Lessons for April:


Multi-position Blues Runs

Freddy King Triplet Shuffle Run as a Tool for Learning the Fingerboard

Chord Studies

Applying m/9 Chords in Descending (from Root) Line Progressions

Chord Melody Arrangement: All the Things You Are

From the Students: All the Things You Are – Paul Vachon – compilation and notes

And a few parting words from Ted:

“Undoubtedly we are among the lucky ones on this planet – those of us, musicians and otherwise, who just swoon for music, from music.”  Ted Greene

I commend you all to your own content.

Barbara Franklin

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