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It’s July! New Surprises Await You.


Summer Greetings,
There is much new material to offer. To begin with there is more new video.
I thought one more month of Ted and Cathy at Rocco’s not only since everyone particularly enjoyed this performance (understandably), but to offer a bit longer of a break before the new seminar gets posted and inundates everyone with so much more information.
After all, it’s summer!

Tune this month Baubles, Bangles & Beads is a popular song from the 1953 musical Kismet, credited to Robert Wright and George Forrest. Like all the music in that show, the melody was based on works by Alexander Borodin, in this case the second theme of the second movement of his String Quartet in D.

The setting maintains the original’s 3/4 waltz rhythm; pop music settings change the rhythm to a moderate four-beat accompaniment. Jazz musicians are especially drawn to the song’s beguiling melody and advanced harmonic structure. (Wikipedia)

Paul Vachon recommends listening to the 1958 version by the Kirby Stone Four which can be found on Youtube.  This I did and found it to be a great arrangement and quite enjoyable indeed.

New Video Footage: Ted Greene and Cathy Segal-Garcia at Rocco’s
Hey Jude
Up On The Roof & On The Boardwalk Medley

Ted on Youtube:
*Many exciting videos are also available on The OFFICIAL Ted Greene Video Archive page on YouTube

New Lesson Material:

Contemporary Harmonized Scales

Turnarounds to get from I7 to ii7 or (II7) – music notation
Turnarounds to get from I7 to ii7 or (II7) – grids

Baubles, Bangles & Beads – Ted Greene arrangement

From the Students:
Baubles, Bangles & Beads – compilation notes from Paul Vachon and Steve Herberman


May you embrace each delight as if a singular moment in time.
Barbara Franklin

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