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All New Surprises await you for June at TedGreene.com

June 2011  TedGreene.com  Newsletter

Late Spring Greetings,

It’s June! The month that splits the year in half, and soon the days imperceptibly begin to shorten.  But we won’t even notice.   Paul and I noticed that no one commented on We’re Off to see the Wizard, and wondered if anyone began to tackle it yet?

 AND… Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in a donation to TedGreene.com – the outpouring was truly sensational, the largest response ever! So again, thank you all from my whole heart.

 Well then…as a result we are able to continue to offer new video.  I thought you’d enjoy something different before we get back to another run of seminars, so this is really a special treat.  Video clips from Ted Greene accompanying Cathy Segal-Garcia at Rocco’s in 1999.  This was a very genial, easygoing occasion as they charmingly brought these songs to life.

 Here is what else is in store for your learning adventure. I have included 2 pages from Ted’s Application of Harmonic Concepts File.  The Harmony lesson material this month includes an extra sheet from me as to make clear what Ted has written under the grids. 


 Harmony: Warm Harmonization of Diatonic Major Scale Melodies – Pg.1    Warm Harmonization of Melodies with b7 – Pg.2

 Tune: Something – Ted’s arrangement and Paul’s compilation and detailed breakdown

 Comping: Our Love Is Here To Stay

 As always I do hope there are many enjoyments and benefits from all we share.

Pleasant summer days to you all,

Barbara Franklin

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  1. Lindsey Blair
    June 24, 2011 at 6:02 am

    I transcribed part of Teds you tube baroque improv part 4 lesson with Steve Herberman. I learned so much from it, truly insipring. I was hoping to be able to attach a pdf file of my finale file here for others to benefit from. How can I do that.

  2. June 26, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    Hi Lindsey,
    You cannot do this. Only Dan Sindel or I can add posts or pages to the blog. I couldn’t allow everyone to post here but that’s what the forums section on TedGreene.com is for. However I will post on Ted’s Facebook page. I think it will receive a lot more views there.
    Dan Sindel referred to this as an Archives blog because that is what he called Ted’s Youtube site which is totally appropriate. This really should not be considered an archive at all.

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