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New at for March 2011

February 28, 2011 2 comments

TedGreene.Com Newsletter March 2011

Late Winter Greetings,

During the past few months I have noticed that all of the sites devoted to Ted Greene have garnered a remarkable amount of views. Statistics say, thus it is so, and it pleases me beyond belief to know that Ted’s music, lessons, and perhaps just general curiosity about Ted are all drawing so much attention.

Possibly the harsh and brutal winter that buffeted much of the northern hemisphere had many snowed in and by fortuitous opportunity ventured into this realm?

Be how it may, thank you one and all for coming to visit.

The lesson pages this month are from Ted’s file titled Application of Harmonic Concepts.  Each page contains a considerable amount of information, (typical for Ted’s lesson pages), but as always take each area in small sections, slowly. Ted offers many options for each concept; listen and compare.  It is certainly not necessary to learn them all, ‘tis fine to simply determine and learn your favorites!  I think that these two particular studies have a wide-ranging application and usefulness for many areas of playing.

New for March:

Video: The much-anticipated Parts 3 and 4 of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar from May 18, 2003.

Lessons: Application of Harmonic Improvement Concepts

Harmonization Studies for Intros, Endings, Interludes and Fills – 2 Pages

Tunes: I Got Rhythm – Chord Melody

I Got Rhythm – Comping

And I Love Her – Chord Melody

From the Students: All compilations and notes for the following Ted Greene arrangements are by Paul Vachon

I Got Rhythm – Chord Melody

I Got Rhythm – Comping

And I Love Her

There is something else I feel important to emphasize: Paul Vachon, on his own accord, by virtue of knowledge, humility and graciousness prepares and explains the chord melody arrangements every month.  I do hope (even mildly implore?) you to take the time to read his words as they lend much clarity and invaluable assistance in navigating your way through these pieces. Those who never had the opportunity to study with Ted personally will find Paul’s work is especially beneficial.

I bid you persistence and joy in all your strivings.

Barbara Franklin

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Searching for Songs and Lessons?

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

For all those looking for specific song arrangements or lesson material, please go to -Guitar Lessons – if we have posted it at all, that’s where you are likely to find what you are looking for and lots more!  Barbara

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My Life with the Chord Chemist

My Life with the Chord Chemist is once again available on

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