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August 2010 Newsletter

Mid Summer Greetings,

This month we have New Audio and the accompanying article resulting from such.  Ted interviewed George Van Eps for the August 1981 issue of Guitar Player magazine. The entire interview with George was taped by Ted, which he later used as a reference when he wrote the article.    We are presenting both the audio (in several parts) and the actual magazine article in total.

These very informative audio CDs also offer candid, warm and casual conversation between two maestros and friends.

In the Tunes section you will notice three versions of My Funny Valentine.  Two versions have been posted on the website for some time now, so we decided to add the third and final version of Ted’s arrangements. This will give you the ability to make comparisons and choose the version of your personal preference.  Or perhaps learn all three, mix and match!  For your convenience, and because Paul is so conscientious, thorough, and truly cares about making the learning process as accessible as possible, he has included a page of comments and explanations.  What an exemplary person Paul is indeed!


Ted was continually stressing the importance of ear training. If you are familiar with the material, review does no harm.  If this is new for you, it is guaranteed to improve your musicianship!

To be found in the section OTHER

1. Learning to Hear Major going to Minor

2. Learning to hear Minor

3. Learning to hear V7

4. Learning to hear V7b9

Tunes: My Funny Valentine – Version #1 Ted’s (9/12/74) original chord melody arrangement

*Note:  Ted’s other original versions of My Funny Valentine#2 (12/18/74) and #3 (3/22/99) are already in the Tunes section.  Paul has now made compilation pages for those versions.

From the Students:

My Funny Valentine – Ted’s 12/9/74 arrangement with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

My Funny Valentine – Ted’s 12/18/74 notated arrangement with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

My Funny Valentine – Ted’s 3/22/1999 arrangement with compilation pages by Paul Vachon


Please feel unrestrained and certainly harbor no obstacle about wishing to communicate, correspond, interact, question, query, comment, criticize, remark, doubt, and make suggestions and requests.


Communication is the essence of understanding.

Wishing you all inspiration and enjoyable experiences musically and otherwise.

Barbara Franklin

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Summer Greetings,

For me, the bittersweet month of July possesses memories of Ted that engender my most profound happiness (our fortuitous first meeting on the 9th, which we commemorated with a celebration), and my most profound sadness  – the loss of Ted on the 23rd.

Now five yeas will have come to pass since that ill-fated day. I felt it an appropriate time to offer a special remembrance:


September 26, 1946 – July 23, 2005

“A modest credo of mine is: Music is about how it makes us feel, while we’re in it and later when we’re remembering it.  And more important for some, music is about the effects of this, on us, on our lives… and those of others.  There are a million and one things to think about here, if one is so inclined.” Ted Greene



My dearest Ted

Always in my heart, my love forever.



In mid-June we chose to share something incredible with everyone:

A Ted Greene “Special Recording Session” circa 1977. For those of you who have not discovered this phenomenal collection, the information can be found on the Home page.

New video: Alas, we have exhausted our reserve of lesson videos graciously submitted by Steve Herberman, Brian Totten and Nick Stasinos.  However, Dan Sindel will begin posting Ted’s Music Seminar videos.  This will be done in several segments over the course of the next few months.

This July I chose a very poignant song, Time After Time, written by Sammy Cahn and Jules Styne in 1947.  Frank Sinatra introduced it in the 1947 movie It Happened in Brooklyn. Ted played this sentimental favorite so tenderly it brought tears of rapture to both of us.

Lesson Material:

Jazz/Blues: The ever-popular Jazz Turnarounds – pgs. 4, 5 & 6


1. Minor Chords and Astronomy (Ted’s clever presentation of minor chord construction and relationships)

2. Using 3 Note Triads and 7th Chords in Short Phrases

3. Triad Exercises in Minor – Broken Chords

Tunes: Chord Melody – Time After Time

From the Students: – Time After Time compilation by Paul Vachon

Sleepwalk compilation by Paul Vachon

At this most significant point in time, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to everyone for their efforts in helping to perpetuate Ted Greene’s legacy.  May it extend forever beyond the reaches of time sending forth a beacon of musical light and beauty as a gentle guide for all those who wish to find this path.

Wishing you inspiration and joy, Barbara Franklin

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