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New at for May 2010


From the Newsletter:

‘Tis May!  “When never-resting time leads summer on” Shakespeare

This month the NEW VIDEO presents more from the lesson collection of Nick Stasinos. Here you will find Ted and Nick conversing on various topics; one of particular interest is Ted’s Telecaster setup and sounds.   (The same new video also at TedGreeneArchives  Youtube.)

Without Paul Vachon’s compilation of Nature Boy, the original grid Ted fashioned for a student would have been “unpostable.” Many times when Ted wrote up a chord melody sheet specifically upon request during a lesson, much discussion and explanation accompanied the material, rendering it almost impossible to decipher unless YOU were that student!   Therefore, it is suggested you utilize Paul’s compilation page first, then make a comparison to the original sheet.

For the ever-growing legion of J.S. Bach aficionados, I gladly offer Ted’s transcription of J.S. Bach’s Prelude No.2 for Keyboard. This piece was originally in Cmi, Ted has transposed it to Ami for guitar. It took me a while to determine where in Bach’s voluminous works Ted discovered this Prelude.  I finally found it in one of my piano books titled, 18 Short Preludes for the Keyboard; there is a 2nd section in the back of the book titled 6 Short Preludes for the Keyboard, and voila! there is was.

New Lesson Material:

Fundamentals: The Guitar Layout – Chord Twins – 2 Pages

The Guitar Layout – Voicing Twins

Other: Tonality:  A Taste of Tonality Types

Hearing the Different Tonalities

Tunes : Nature Boy – Ted’s chord melody arrangement

Bach Prelude No. 2 (from the 6 Short Preludes)

Blues: Gospel Influenced Blues in G –Ted Greene original

From the Students: Nature Boy – Paul Vachon compilation

Gospel Influenced Blues in G – Paul Vachon compilation

Well, there you have it, a veritable gourmet feast for May.  I’m always endeavoring to appeal to the length and breadth of all who choose to visit here.  Please feel free to contribute comments, express preferences, and ask questions.  After all, that is the rationale for the forums section.

Wishing inspiration and joyful moments.  Barbara Franklin

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