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It’s May! All New Surprises Await at TedGreene.com

TedGreene.com Newsletter May 2011

 Good day and twenty, gentle readers,

There is an eclectic mix of studies this month with hopes that there will be at least one morsel that appeals and is constructive for all. 

 We’re Off to see the Wizard –  Paul mentioned to me that although he thoroughly enjoyed making this compilation, Ted’s grids were very complicated, and he wanted to construct it so as not to be daunting to anyone.  Hence, this became a mutual musical endeavor incorporating the added insight of James Hober, Mike de Luca, and David Bishop. (Thank You All!) Included in the commentary is information regarding the song, remarks by James and myself on Ted’s impressions about this kind of music, and an abundance of very helpful hints for playing this arrangement.  Ted adored this song, (find out why!), and a very special effort went into presenting this with hopes for your enjoyment too.  Therefore I earnestly advise perusing the notes included with the compilation, it will be well worth your time.

 About this month’s lesson material – Ted’s Triad Relocations pages were devised as yet another ingenious way to memorize the fingerboard along with gaining the knowledge of triads and their inversions.  Very clever, indubitably! 

 And need I remind you of Part 7and Part 8 (the finale) of the California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003. 


Chord Studies – Triad Relocations 3pgs.

Comping Just Friends

Chord MelodyWe’re Off to see the Wizard – Ted Greene arrangement

From the StudentsWe’re Off to see the Wizard – compilation – Paul Vachon


 I bid you all a wonder-filled and productive month,

Barbara Franklin

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