Ted’s Main Areas of Practice in 1982 versus 2003

Ted in apt.8 making yet another list!

This paper shows what Ted felt he needed to practice in February 1982. Well, at least on that particular day!  Eventually Ted had no need for lists of this nature, this may be one of the last ones he constructed.  I thought some of you would find it of interest.

If you find it hard to read or understand let me know and I will try to “interpret” as much as I can for you.

When Ted was working out a list, he generally squeezed in “after-thoughts” as his need to be all-inclusive was imperative.  Writing the list would stimulate and activate his thought process, hence the embellishments to the list.  Since these notes were for his personal use, he would not rewrite them.

Later in Ted’s life the practice notes and ideas looked more like this:

Or Like This:

Smashing Pumpkins?????
Enjoy! Barbara

  1. Anibal Rivas
    March 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Hahahah!!! I saw that too at the end!!! “Smashing Pumpkins”???!!!!!!
    Most likely it was a request from a student.
    Fascinating, nonetheless.

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