Second or Third Thoughts for ’99 JJG Cover Story

Here is the outline Ted began when he was thinking about what to discuss in the cover story he was writing for Just Jazz Guitar.  This appears to be when Ted decided on the “interview” format.

(Being that Ted’s handwriting can be difficult to decipher, I have typed it below as best as I could follow this format.  My clarifications will be in Italics)

My Life as a Guitar Teacher & Thoughts on Music by Ted Greene

I (interviewer): Ted, are you a jazz guitarist?

TG: Sometimes. (or: yes & no). Every style of music has (then he expands on what- begins again at far left)

The 4 Main Areas of Language ( language is crossed out) most influence on its musical style: 1. RHYTHM(ic) Figures and Grooves (Surprise: no Melodies?!? We’ll visit them shortly) 2. HARMONIES 2.a & 1.c HARMONIC RHYTHM 1a. (In a broad sense) TEXTURES are part of this) intersect w/register and range 3. TONAL QUALITIES 3a. Instrumentation or Orchestration 4. Attitude or Desired Mood (Creation) 4.a & 1.b Dynamics, 5.a Accents & such 4.b Lyrics, if any 5.b Embellishment, Orchestration & Decoration – But Labels are devilish beasts (sometimes). 5. Melodies flow out of their interaction with & natural outpouring from the 4 main language creators. There’s a huge intersection here.

Any musician playing w/certain sophisticated chord changes over say a hard-charging groove

On the other hand, a guitarist playing plain 3 voice 7th chords in the medium low register, but w/the coolest attack, tone & feel in a big-band swing groove surely is still in the jazz pocket, no?

The 5 Main Areas to apply chord knowledge for the jazz guitarist:


2. Rhythm

3. Guitar

4. Chord Soloing

5. Accompaniment


This is a list of qualities – notice that Ted arranged them in alphabetical order.

Brains, Brilliance, Cleverness, Creativity, Depth, Humor, Ideas, Imagination, Knowledge, Profoundness (profundity), Technique (chops), command of the instrument, Thoughtfulness, Versatility or Range, diversity, Wit


Beginning notes on Problem Solving: Ignoring/Denial, Desiring a strategy (means) of overcoming, Eliminating

Favorite all-around composer for sheer listening pleasure: “G.G.”, George Gershwin

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