Road Maps: Ted’s Song Guides – Old & New

Ted developed what he termed “Road Maps” as a quick and easy reference to learn and memorize the chord pattern of a song. The later versions of Ted’s “Road Maps” were much improved, as you will see.

On the first Road Map shown here Ted has penned an observation about that time in his life in relation to these charts.  Ted estimates writing it in 1966 or ‘67 when he had been a mere twenty years living amongst us.

I spent more than an hour puzzling over what the numbers above the chord symbols could possibly indicate; Leon White offered this explanation, “…the number of beats per chord.  An example of a ‘primitive’ Ted teaching method. I never would have guessed!  Thank you so much, Leon!

For those who might have trouble deciphering Ted’s handwriting, I have typed the entire comment below the image.

Ted’s Notes:

11/20/01 Early Tues.

“Poor Side of Town”, that is; A beautiful ‘young pop’ ballad recorded by Johnny Rivers in what, ’66 or ’67 or? apparently when I wrote this sheet.  I did a lot of sheets like this.  Very basic changes just so I had a shorthand reference page.  It was exciting to see my ear getting a little better all the time, & what a self-esteem booster to be able to figure out all the popular songs of the day.  No great feat but felt great. And helped me earn a living – I taught songs like these to students when they liked them & gained a reputation for having a good ear?

This of course was on a fairly meager level – this ‘good’ ear. But step by step unfoldment it’s been.”


The Road Map for They Can’t Take That Away From Me is dated 10/18/01.

You can see the evolution to a much clearer, more detailed and improved song guide and it is applicable to any key one wishes to play the song in.  Also on this particular song are Ted’s inimitable and comical helpful hints! Enjoy!

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