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November 2010 at TedGreene.com

Mid-Autumn Greetings,

This month offers the Final installment (Part IV) of the George Van Eps/Ted Greene        taped interview for Guitar Player Magazine.

There is a very special song this month, one of Ted’s original pieces titled Thanksgiving Chorale. Ted wrote it when he was 28 years old and assiduously studying the style of J.S. Bach, upon which the piece is highly influenced.   I never did ask Ted about the title, but since it was written during November 1974, it is probable that he wrote it to commemorate the holiday.

I encourage you to look at David and Paul’s write-ups for it, located in the section titled From the Students.  By itself, the page might be difficult to read and decipher.  Paul has made the notation very clear to read, and provided “possible chord diagrams” for the guitarist.  David’s analysis will no doubt shed light into the compositional construction, and show how it relates to J.S. Bach.

New and stimulating activity in the Forums

I am happy to see that there has been some interest generated by a couple of threads in the Forums called “Name That Chord” and “Name That Chord Progression.” This has led to some very stimulating musical discussions.  The examples are from Ted’s “Personal Studies” pages – not from his regular teaching material.  We will continue to post more examples if interest and participation grows, and I encourage anyone to join the discussions, to ask questions, offer observations, or make comments.  There are some real experts in our membership who can offer a wealth of information, and some insights into Ted’s teachings and perspectives…free for the asking!

Which brings me to the new lesson material:

Ted titled this study: Diatonic Scalewise Derived Passages – Triads

On all these pages Ted has asked the student to name the chords.  He does indicate what key the exercise is in.  I do encourage you to give it a try. If anyone needs assistance, just email and we will post a few in the Forums as examples.  By the time you’ve completed all the lesson exercises, as per Ted’s instructions, that is: do them in all keys indicated, you will have gained an extensive knowledge of three-note triads and their inversions!  These exercises consist of five pages!

Very useful, yes?


Chord Studies: Getting Acquainted With Triads – 5 pages (numbered 1,1a, 2,3,4)

Tune: Thanksgiving Chorale by Ted Greene

From the Students: Compilation by Paul Vachon

Analysis by David Bishop


And I will leave you with this:

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the origin of all the other virtues.”   Marcus Tullius Cicero

[Lat., Gratus animus est una virtus non solum maxima, sed etiam mater virtutum onmium reliquarum.] Source: Oratio Pro Cnoeo Plancio (XXXIII)

One aspect of Ted’s character that factored heavily in his life was gratitude.  Ted lived his life in gratitude for all that was bestowed upon him, and quite often expressed and acknowledged how blessed he felt.  These feelings of gratitude were also reflected in his generosity towards others, and in the way he lived.

May you all have a joyous Thanksgiving celebration.

Barbara Franklin

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