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New for September 2010 at TedGreene.com

TedGreene.com Newsletter Sept. 2010

Late Summer Greetings,

Thus this month begins the final quarter of this year, soon the autumnal equinox, and on the 26th of September Ted would have been sixty-four.  Yet, Ted’s magic continues to spread, traversing a course reaching many recesses of our unfathomable planet. Behold, the Forums section now has over one thousand members worldwide, and seems to be increasing weekly.  Quite gratifying!

The second installment of the George Van Eps/Ted interview is now presented in the Audio section and will surely pique your interest again.  Thanks for all the positive comments you’ve shared.

This month the lesson material encompasses Ted’s written explanations and examples of Diatonic Modulation. I have included a “foreword,” if you will.  I chose to include it with the lesson pages, as opposed to offering my commentary here.

Lessons:   Harmony section

Diatonic Modulation

1. A note from Barbara

2. Ted’s Diatonic Modulation Pages – Details and Examples  – 3 pages

3. Practice patterns to Learn Chord Forms “almost” Diatonic Modulation

4. Application of Basic Chord Forms in Progressions (Featuring Voice Leading, Ties, Melodic Top End, Sequences, Cycles and Modulation)

Tune: Michelle –  Ted’s Chord Melody arrangement  #1

Ted’s Chord Melody arrangement #2

Ted’s Lead Sheet

From the Students:

Michelle – Versions #1 and #2 compilations by Paul Vachon

Yesterday – compilation by Fabius (from the Forum section)


I leave you with one of my favorite Ted quotations:

“It is your responsibility to work hard until you
are confident playing music that touches others’ hearts the way it has
touched yours.”
Ted Greene

Wishing you joy, insight and inspiration,

Barbara Franklin

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